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Welcome to The Lickey Hills Local History Society home page. We aim to provide information about the Society, our research, and our programme of lectures.

September 2016: The Joliffe family and the Last Great Days of Cofton Hall by Charles Blount publication from 1980 is now available to view.

July 2016 - Our programme for 2016/2017 this is now available
Summer 2015: New Section: People - People of interest people who are connected to the local area in some way.
Summer 2015: Rubery Council School photograph School photo of staff and pupils from 1914.
Spring 2015: Gunfire at Cofton Hackett, 1831-1871 publication from 1981 is now available to view.

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July 2015 - Our programme for 2015/2016 this is now available

This is an evolving project so please keep visiting as we hope to keep adding more information.

If you have any queries or information to give us please E-mail us at and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Where the source is known all photos and articles are attributed. Where the source is unknown this will be stated. All the rest belongs to the Society. You are welcome to use the information here, providing all the sources are acknowledged.